ASI Best Channel Vendor 2011 Award

For the 3rd year Action Systems, Inc.(ASI), a leading provider of point-of-sale and management software for use in the food service industry,today announced it was named a Best Channel Vendor for 2011 from Business Solutions Magazine (BSM).

BSM’s Best Channel Vendor survey received over 12,000 votes from Value Added Resellers who were asked to rate theleading POS software providers.

The survey focused on key elements such as overall service/support, channel programs, product features, product reliability and product innovation.

“ASI through our Restaurant Manager POS solution, is focused on solving real business problems to help restaurateurs boost their bottom line,” said Craig Bednarovsky, Director of Sales and Marketing.

In addition, we pride ourselves in having one of the strongest, most knowledgeable and best supported reseller channels among POS providers.” Within the categories surveyed, Restaurant Manager ranked exceptionally high on product features, reliability and innovation.

With capabilities such as real-time management alerts, fully-integrated online ordering and access to real time operational data via RM Monitor, Restaurant Manager consistently delivers new ways for restaurants, bars and clubs to save money.

One Value Added Reseller comment said, “[Restaurant Manager] offers unique and innovative solutions. Restaurant Manager is the best POS software available on the market today.”

In addition, rankings within the categories related to channel programs and support also were excellent. Generous coop marketing programs and superior technical support enable ASI resellers to reach more of the market while receiving the best support possible for restaurateurs mission critical POS solutions.

Another Value Added Reseller commented, “Restaurant Manager – best service and loyalty I have ever experienced.”

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