Accurate financial reports Lead to Full control of your Business

Get a High Definition View of your Business

With a year-end, once you have entered all your information, you must pass on the reports to your accountant for their
magic touch, depreciation, tax calculations, forms to be filled out and submitted to the government. By the time you’re done,
it could be six months down the road.

With General Ledger module, you can reprint an income and expense statement for any month, in any year at any time –
or reprint a balance sheet – or an aged accounts receivable – or payables report.

What this means is that you can do your work daily and never get behind yet still get the reports you need.

Key Features

  • It can accommodate up to 9 levels of accounts where you use an account code up to 12 digits.
  • Entry of opening balances with foreign currencies and their equivalent rates.
  • Ability to view the whole years balances for any of the levels and any the currencies as well as the total of posted creadits and debits and the current balance.
  • Defining as many as desired costs centers with their balance every account.
  • Linked the posted creadits and debits to the cost centers and analyzing them respect to the main and subsidiary levels of
    cost and accounts.
  • Ease of change in the budget contents.
  • Generating reports in their actual foreign currencies or their equivalent local currency.
  • The input of the transactions goes through the subsidiary journals then the system configures the transaction of the main
    journal on a daily basis, a weekly basis, or a monthly basis upon the users request.
  • Transactions can be entered on temporarliy basis, where they can be processed as usual then deleted when not needed
    any more.
  • Transactions can be entered on a periodical basis, where they can be repeated upon the user’s request.
  • Re-evaluation of customer and vendor balance of foreign currencies according to the current Exchange rate.
  • End of period closing can performed at any time.
  • A large set of various accounting, analytical, and periodic reports can be generated.
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