System which takes care of registration and follow-up purchases movements established suppliers and control transactions.

Key Features

  • Vendors are defined with such information as name, address, type, phone as well as the balance of the vendor in the different currencies.
  • Keeping a cross –link between the vendor and the items he supplies in addition to the update of the item price according to the last purchase price.
  • Support of multiple branches.
  • Identification of back- ordered items according to the item at the re-order level, those in the sales orders and not
    available in stock.
  • Purchase invoice can be linked to a specific order where it is audited by comparing the item, the quantity,
    and the price with corresponding information recorded in the order.
  • Discount is defined for each item or the invoice as a whole with the totals before and after the discount.
  • Taxes, including sales taxes are supported.
  • Purchases returns form is designed to take care of the returns of the purchased items, where it automatically
    recalculates all taxes and discounts that took place in the purchase invoice.
  • Support of vendor settlements which affect the balances.
  • Linked to the Treasury and Banks module to hold the payments and the refunds of the vendors.
  • Linked to the General Ledger module to hold in its purchase subsidiary journal all the transactions of purchases and returns.
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