Help your sales team not to loss any opportunity.
Increase your sales and collect all money you deserve.

Sales & Accounts Receivables Module is to manage sales and customers fully integrated with Crystal Office modules
and cover all the details of sales , and customer accounts.

Key features

  • Definition of customers, their balances, their types, the levels of pricing they gets as well as their sales representatives.
  • Support of multiple branches.
  • Serialized sales orders, invoices and returns.
  • Discount is defined for each item or the invoice as whole with the totals before and after the discount.
  • Taxes, including sales taxes are supported.
  • Sales returns are processed updating the customer’s balances.
  • Support of customer settlements which affect the balances.
  • Linked to treasury and Banks module to hold the payments and refunds of the customers.
  • Linked to the General Ledger module to hold in its sales subsidiary journal all the transaction of sales and returns.
  • A Large set of reports, for example sales analysis and aging reports.
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