Fuel your margins with a one-stop gas station software solution

Run a successful forecourt business, and manage the pumps, gas station, retail, food service and back office, within one powerful software platform. The system instantly replicates all information across the organization, so you can always take informed business decisions based on up-to-date sales figures.

All the tools you need in one solution:
  • Extensive pump control from POS.
  • Station management.
  • Fuel POS with fuel sales Wet stock management.
  • Retail and hospitality management.
LS Forecourt will help you:
  1.    Complete all your sales, for fuel and other items, from a single POS
  2.    Improve operational efficiency by managing the whole value chain from HQ
  3.    Cut IT costs using just one application for all forecourt operations
  4.    Manage prices flexibly to increase your competitiveness
  5.    Pin-point your business strengths and weaknesses with the powerful BI reports
  6.    Manage your c-store and restaurant


Equip your staff with powerful selling tools that boost your efficiency and make your customers happy. Offer top-notch customer service with:

  1. Completion of all transactions, including fuel and other items, at the POS
  2. Faster service, as all staff uses the same, intuitive graphic interface across the whole organization
  3. Customer rewards across the channels with in-store, online and mobile loyalty schemes and offers
  4. Multiple fuel sale methods: LS Forecourt supports pre-pay at the pump, post-pay and preset.


The powerful modules of LS Forecourt give you:
  1. Real-time overview on POS terminals, store systems, inventory and merchandising
  2. Ability to schedule automated price changes from headquarters, forcing prices into effect
  3. Central control over your whole operation, from pumps to food service to c-store
  4. In-depth analyses of sales and performance with a variety of reports and Business Intelligence


Gain a holistic view of your inventory processes with LS Forecourt. View wet stock management data including fuel sales, gauge readings, pump totals, and deliveries, and manage your stock with total accuracy.

Track inventory transactions and production costs, and match orders to deliveries at head office. Maximize fuel margins and determine the optimal pricing. The system includes tools for automatic replenishment of wet stock based on sales history or stock levels.


Choose LS Forecourt that best suits your business needs and your budget, several setups and deployment options are available:
  1. Point of Sale and back office solution
    Do you already have an ERP system, and need a powerful, flexible and easily integrated POS solution? LS Forecourt is available as a front- and back- office solution, which can easily be integrated to your existing ERP.
  2. On-premises complete forecourt solution (POS+ERP)
    The system – including front- office, back-office tools, and Microsoft Dynamics ERP – can be fully deployed on-premises. The on-prem version is available on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  3. Cloud-based complete forecourt solution (POS+ERP)
    LS Forecourt is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The system can also be deployed in a private or public cloud, or in a hybrid setup
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