Restaurant & Food Service

Gain control of your restaurant, your finances and the guest experience with a unified restaurant solution.

Many restaurant businesses think they don’t need a new software solution. Until they see what a difference a unified platform makes.

With LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses, servers can send orders directly from the POS to the kitchen, where the dishes are shown in the correct production order on the KDS (Kitchen Display System). And when the dish is ready,
the front staff sees it on the POS, so everything is delivered quickly.

The benefits continue in the back of house. You can set prices, offers and menus centrally, and send them to all your locations instantly. You can track ingredient usage, and decrease waste. You can see what sells or doesn’t, and take action.

The best part? No software integrations, no manual work, no unclear or delayed data. All the functionality you need, from front of house to kitchen to head office, within a single software solution.

This is what your restaurant software could be like.

LS Central is the SaaS unified platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Technology for retail businesses with big ambitions
1. Lower complexity and costs

Run your restaurant enterprise with just one system to:

  • Reduce software and system administration costs.
  • Remove integration costs.
  • Gain a clear view and consistent financial data
  • Control costs, waste, menus, prices, offers, guest information and more from back office
  • Easily track your KPIs and take data-based actions
2. Delight Guests

Grow loyalty:

  • Send guests special offers and promotions based on their tastes and preferences.
  • Track reservations, offer catering services and cooking courses and manage all of these within the same unified commerce platform.
  • Let your guests personalize dishes adding or removing ingredients.
  • Easily split bills, and move them across tables, or areas.
  • Offer self-serve options.
  • Create loyalty programs that drive returns.
3. Simplify Operations

Streamline your entire enterprise:

  • Manage staff schedules, track performance and communicate with employees.
  • Reduce manual work and errors by automating routine jobs.
  • Give kitchen staff a clear overview of orders and ensure all dishes are produced at the right time with the Kitchen Display System (KDS).
  • Decrease waste with ingredient control and recipe management.
  • Track your performance with Al-powered BI.
  • Create ad hoc reports.
4. Empower Your Employees

With LS Central, you can:

  • Take orders and payments at the table with the mobile POS.
  • See table status at the POS and ensure that all guests are served promptly.
  • See detailed menu and ingredient information and the preparation status of dishes at the POS.
  • Easily move employees from the bar to the host desk to the register all areas use the same system with the same interface.
5. Leverage the Power of the Cloud

With a SaaS retail management system in the Microsoft cloud, you can:

  • Always be up to date with no effort: software updates and maintenance are managed by the provider.
  • Reduce deployment times.
  • Cut the cost of hardware and servers.
  • Access your business data from anywhere, instantly.
  • Make reports and alerts available to management anytime and anywhere for your whole enterprise.
  • Stay safe: Microsoft guarantees top levels of security

Do more with less effort and cost with a SaaS platform

1. Lower capital expenditure

Save money on servers, on capital costs for software, and even on system engineers and specialists. No need to install and run apps on-premises, no need to factor in upgrades. It’s all included in the subscription price.

2. Stay agile and up to date

Do you need advanced Al functionality? Would you like to implement voice ordering? In the cloud, you can take advantage of the latest features without needing costly upgrades or integration projects. Plug into the add-ons you need, quickly and at a fraction of the cost than in a traditional setup.

3. Access your business data and BI reports where and where you are

No matter if you are home or travelling: you can stay on top of your sales, trends and business insights. See, manage and share reports, and always act at the right time, no matter where you are.

4. Keep your data secure

Hardware issues? No problem. You can always access your data in the cloud. Microsoft Azure guarantees a 99,995% uptime, and top safety features.

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