Stop Wasting Time with Multiple Software Solutions

Gain visibility and cut costs with a unified retail platform

Many retailers use a different IT system for each part of their retail business. A sales solution, a separate ERP, a CRM software, Excel files to manage vendors, a software for inventory management… the result?

Costly integrations, unclear data, lots of manual work, platforms that don’t communicate properly, and no visibility on the customer journey.

These retailers are doing it wrong.

Meet LS Central, the SaaS unified commerce software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

LS Central is one retail system, replacing all the separate platforms you are using now.

All data is stored in one central place, so you can keep track of your financials, sales, inventory, staff and revenue in real time, across your locations and channels.

Say goodbye to uncontrolled costs, expensive upgrades, and integrations that break down.

Technology for retail businesses with big ambitions

1. Cut costs, Save time

By using just one system instead of many, you can:

  • Cut software and system administration costs.
  • Say goodbye to integration costs.
  • Have consistent financial data.
  • Control prices, stock, promotions, customers and more from back office.
  • Simplify and speed up upgrades.
  • Access all your business information as and when you want.

2. Boost Loyalty

Know your customers and:

  • Communicate with them in a personalized, more effective way.
  • Send them special offers and promotions you know they are interested in.
  • Optimize your pricing and inventory.
  • Create loyalty programs that drive returns.

3. Streamline Operations

LS Central includes specialized functionality to:

  • Streamline staff management, track performance and improve communication with employees.
  • Automate tasks, to reduce manual work and time wasted.
  • Decrease out of stocks and overstocks.
  • Forecast inventory.
  • Track your performance with Al-powered BI.
  • Create ad hoc reports.

4. With LS Central, you can

  • Know your customers and:
    Run the Point of Sale on mobile or stationary devices, as best fits your needs.
  • Engage shoppers and help them find items they’ll love with clienteling and Al-powered recommendations.
  • Enable staff to quickly find product and customer information at the POS.
  • Easily move employees across tasks and departments, as they all use the same system with the same interface.

5. Leverage the power of the cloud

Run your retail management system as SaaS in the Microsoft cloud, and:

  • Always be up to date with no effort: software updates and maintenance are managed by the provider.
  • Cut deployment times.
  • Reduce the cost of hardware and servers.
  • Access your business data from anywhere in real time.
  • Make reports and alerts available to management anytime and anywhere for all channels.
  • Guarantee top levels of security.
Do more with less effort and cost with a SaaS platform
  1. Lower Capital Expenditure
    With SaaS, you save money on servers, on capital costs for software, and even on system engineers and specialists. No need to install and run apps on-premises, no need to factor in upgrades. It’s all included in the subscription price.
  2. Stay agile and on latest technology
    Do you want advanced Al functionality? Would you like to implement voice search? In the cloud, you can take advantage of the latest features without needing costly upgrade or integration projects. Plug into the add-ons you need, quickly and at a fraction of the cost than in a traditional setup.
  3. Access your business data and reports as and when you need
    Even when home or while travelling you can stay on top of your sales, trends and business insights. See, manage and share reports, and always act at the right time, no matter where you are.
  4. Keep your data secure
    Hardware issues? No panic: you can always access your data in the cloud. Microsoft Azure guarantees a 99,995% uptime, and top safety features.
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