Frequent Diner and Awards Capabilities
to Help Increase Sales and Promote Repeat Business Customers are dining out less frequently and looking for value like never before. In today’s environment your
business needs to do everything it can to attract repeat business. Customer loyalty programs are a great way for restaurants to increase revenues while providing a high level of service to demanding customers. By combining the power and flexibility of the Customer Loyalty module with Restaurant Manager’s Promotion and Coupon functionality you can target specific customer segments with virtually any kind of program imaginable.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems
Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get the fully-integrated functionality to solve the business issues, as well as the expertise and understanding to meet your unique business needs and goals.

The Functionality You Need
The Customer Loyalty module provides you with a single solution to easily establish, manage, track and improve your tailored program.

Improve Repeat Business: Completely customize and tailor a program for your frequent customers. Doing so gives customers an incentive to return and improves their level of satisfaction.

Perform Targeted Marketing: Every Restaurant Manager base package includes a customer database that stores the basic information you need to get to know your patrons. Use Customer Loyalty to place customers into specific groups – such as senior citizens or military – and target specific offers to them using powerful built-in Promotion and Coupon capabilities.

Easily Establish a Flexible Program: You have tremendous flexibility in setting up a program to meet your needs.

Set awards based on number of visits, dollar value purchased or number of items purchased– for example buy 10 get one free, spend $100 and receive a free entrée or visit five times and receive $5 off your next purchase.

Issue awards multiple ways including automatic application of discounts, applying the award amount to the check or adding a reward message to the bottom of the check.

Administer and place customers in multiple programs while allowing them to use multiple phone numbers and addresses, or even let multiple customers use the same phone number – perfect for offices that tend to order frequently.

Personalize Customer Service: Access customer information and rewards status from any POS station and enable staff to tailor service to a customer’s preferences.

Eliminate Staff Errors and Fraud: Set-up your program to enforce required items and only apply rewards when those conditions are met. In addition, the program takes very little training to operate.

Target and Continually Improve Your Programs: Fully integrated into Restaurant Manager’s Back office capabilities to track and report on:

  • How many times a customer has visited and how often
  • The dollar amount they have purchased
  • The menu items they have purchased and corresponding revenue center impacts
  • The amount of “giveaways” that are associated with any program
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