Make Gift Cards Work For You

The Restaurant Manager™ Gift Cards and Accounts module is a powerful solution that not only manages the sales and redemption of gift cards and certificates but also allows you to establish and maintain customer accounts.

Gift Cards

Sales of gift certificates and gift cards are a wonderful way to increase sales and boost your name recognition. Many times, guests will spend more than the face value of the gift card and some restaurants have created programs that distribute $5 gift cards to local sports teams as prizes as well as gifts to neighboring businesses as a way to get people in the door. In addition, redemption rates on gift certificates can be as low as 81%, generating considerable breakage for the restaurant.

Online gift cards

Multi-store chains that wish to track sales and redemption of gift cards in rely on Restaurant Manager’s online gift card services ensures that selling gift cards is a snap. It also guarantees accurate and instantaneous processing so that gift cards may be redeemed at any location immediately following purchase, regardless of which store issued the card.

Restaurants that sell online gift cards not only generate more revenue , but also see more return visits to their website and restaurant.

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