Flexible and Money Saving Functionality
Well planned promotions are key to growing your business – from attracting new customers to promoting high margin items or generating repeat business. Too often, however, restaurants launch promotions that cost more money than they generate. You need the right tools for launching, managing and tracking promotional campaigns.
Restaurant Manager’s Promotion and Coupon capabilities provide the ultimate in flexibility while allowing restaurants to easily implement and manage even the most complex offers.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems
Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get the fully-integrated functionality to solve the business issues, as well as the expertise and understanding to meet your unique needs and goals.

The Functionality You need
Restaurant Manager’s Promotion and Coupon capabilities allow you to draw in new customers and bring back existing customers. The ability to create virtually any type of coupon or promotion you can imagine helps create unique offers that will differentiate your restaurant from the competition.

Types of Promotions: The possibilities are endless to help increase revenue – from the complexities associated with pizza offers and simple buy one get one free promotions, to 1/2 price Tuesdays, pre -fix menus for the theater crowd and wine flight specials. No matter the offer Restaurant Manager can handle it.

Setting Parameters: Eliminate staff mistakes and reduce lost revenue with automatic enforcement of Promotion and Coupon parameters. Such as:

  • Required products – ensures the offer is valid and the required products are included on the check which reduces giveaways and saves you money
  • Promotion start and stop times – great for happy hour offers and helps reduce discounted sales during non-promotion hours that cuts into your profit
  • Purchase minimums
  • Maximum coupon value
  • Apply the offer to the entire check, not just tagged items which maximizes revenue by applying offer to the most cost effective items
  • Combine offers or coupons
  • Generate promotional bar codes which eliminates the need for, and errors associated with, manual entry as well as eliminating the possibility of theft associated with coupons

Tracking and Auditing: Back office reporting gives you visibility into how effective your promotions and coupons are, and helps identify any possible employee fraud with:

  • Summary report to show how many coupons were redeemed and the dollar value associated with them.
  • Detailed report to show items associated with the promotion or coupon, applicable revenue center and how the offer was used (delivery, dine-in, take-out)
  • Audit report to show table and server associated with offer redemption to enhance security and reduce fraud
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