Speed, Accuracy and Reliability

First and foremost, a quick service business requires a POS system that is itself quick and reliable. When there are two new trainees at the counter, 15 customers in line, three cars at the drive-through and a food delivery coming in the back door, Restaurant Manger™ Quick Service works in the background to keep things running smoothly.

Restaurant Manager can help increase revenue, decrease costs and improve efficiencies. Countless features designed for the quick service environment make Restaurant Manager the ideal choice for your establishment.

You can prompt cashiers to cross sell and up sell, easily create and process promotions or coupons and use frequent diner capabilities to track preferences and previous purchases.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems

Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get robust functionality, fully integrated optional modules and the expertise needed to solve real business issues and meet your unique goals.

Proven Solutions for Quick Service POS

Our quick service solution is fast, easy, flexible and reliable. Designed specifically for the quick service environment, Restaurant Manager makes communication and order management much more efficient.

Beyond improved service and reduced labor costs at the point of sale, powerful back office tracking and analysis allow you to make fast, informed management decisions.

High labor turnover and the need for simplicity is a fact of life in quick service, so it is critical that your POS system requires little training to operate.
Restaurant Manager has a cashier-friendly, conversational interface that sends instant, accurate and legible information to the food prep staff.

Restaurant Manager QuickService also has back-of-the-house capabilities that give you total menu, reporting and labor control in a format that guarantees your management decisions will be efficient and timely. It also includes man features that empower your employees to improve speed of service which increases revenue.

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