Manage and Act on Important Restaurant Operations
from Virtually Anywhere Restaurant Manager Alert capabilities help restaurants leverage technology to improve overall operations. Managers and owners are notified as soon as important events that require their attention happen and can then access and take
action on key information in real-time from virtually anywhere. Receive notifications via SMS text messaging on a cell phone, Windows Mobility Enabled device such as a Blackberry, an iPhone, email or a web browser.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems
Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get the fully-integrated functionality to solve the business issues, as well as the expertise and understanding to meet your unique needs and goals.

The Functionality You Need
Restaurant Manager’s Alert capabilities dramatically improve your ability to access critical information at any time via multiple communication channels. Using an internet browser, email, SMS text messaging or even a Windows Mobile enabled device you have at your fingertips a view into the restaurant’s operations.

Setting Alert Parameters: You set what alerts and information to receive, as well as when and how to receive them. Have alerts on labor costs sent during your busiest hours, escalate notifications that are not acted upon up your management chain or even receive and access nightly reports from home or on your PDA…you make the rules.

Receiving Notifications: Restaurant Manager allows you to select from multiple types of communication channels when deciding how you would like to receive alerts.

Email – Have alerts, reports and requests sent via email and easily access via an internet browser or PDA.

  • SMS Text Messaging – Use your cell phone to instantly receive alerts and notifications via standard text messaging.
  • Windows Mobility and Smart Phone devices – From a PDA, Blackberry, iPhone or similar device you can receive and act on alerts, reports and requests from virtually anywhere.

Other Types of Notifications:
In addition to real-time alerts you can receive notifications related to other restaurant activities and operations. Here are just a few examples:

  • Reports – Receive reports on labor-to-revenue ratios, top performing server staff or overall restaurant performance.You can have these reports sent via email, or even access them from your PDA or iPhone providing the ultimate in mobile capabilities.
  • Server Requests – Quickly and easily act on server requests for voids or deletions from wherever you are. Servers no longer have to spend time tracking down a manager on a busy night, but rather send a request to a manager’s mobile device.
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