Turn Paper and Pencil into Profits

The patented Write-On Handheld™, an optional add-on to the Restaurant Manager™ POS System, provides the most practical tableside order taking and payment solution available.

The Write-On Handheld integrates seamlessly with Restaurant Manager to provide enhanced customer service, tackle line-busting at the cashier station, or enable complete manager access to key back-office information as well as server requests.

Pay-at-the-table functionality extends Write-On Handheld capabilities enabling servers to dramatically speed table turns.

Providing Solutions to Real Business Problems

Restaurant Manager focuses on critical business issues facing today’s restaurant owner. With Restaurant Manager you get robust
functionality, fully integrated optional modules and the expertise needed to solve real business issues and meet your unique goals.

Simplifying the Process

Unlike competitive products that use a cumbersome touch-button approach, the Write-On Handheld is the only wireless order taking technology that provides three convenient modes of entry: handwriting mode, keyboard mode and groups mode. In handwriting mode, the Write-On Handheld is the only wireless order-taking technology which utilizes handwriting recognition to work just like a pencil and pad.Servers simply write down orders, then instantly send the order to the kitchen.

Managers can also use the Write-On Handheld to do everything from viewing the status of open orders and approving or denying server requested voids,to accessing real-time sales reports and receiving alerts on high-spending tables in order to provide personalized customer service.

Pay-at-the-table capabilities provide a multitude of benefits. Reduce fraud by allowing credit cards to remain within the customer’s site at all times.
Increase table turns by shaving minutes off of the time it takes to close the table and eliminating traffic jams at POS terminals. Reduce cost and effort by increasing the number of tables servers can cover as the need to enter orders at a POS terminal is eliminated.

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