Franchisees and Franchisors – Licensees and Licensors
Franchise networks are unique in their needs.The very nature of franchising combines two seemingly opposing sets of characteristics:

  1. Consistency and commonality across stores to protectnd and ensure brand recognition.
  2. Variation and independence of ownership which thrives on individual styles and opportunity.

And for the franchisor, manufacturer, brand owner or licensor, their retail business has a different set of opportunities and challenges.

Retail Pro understands the symbiotic relationship between a brand owner and their independent retail channel. Some of our largest customers use a combination of wholesale, company stores, outlets, flagship locations and independently-owned stores to aggressively penetrate their target markets – in all parts of the world. Whether you are focusing your efforts in a single country market, or spreading your brand across multiple world economies, Retail Pro’s inherent flexibility handles both scenarios with ease.

And for the franchisee, independent ownerships of all sizes can take advantage of our affordable yet powerful Retail Pro solution to run their entire retail business. Further, when multiple franchisees pool together, Retail Pro can be configured to maximize productivity and reduce costs by using consistent practices across independently owned companies. We bridge the best of both worlds between franchisees and franchisors. It is what we do best at Retail Pro.

Take your retail business to all parts of the world

Serious brands need serious software. Taking your brand anywhere should allow your company to focus on demographics, trends, and market opportunities while not being limited by your technology vendor. Retail Pro will not limit you. On a global view, Retail Pro is operating in thousands of stores in virtually all parts of the world- in over 63 countries. Our internationally localized software is implemented and supported by our highly-qualified authorized Retail Pro Business Partners – in the local language, culture and currency of your retail locations.

Taking your brand to all parts of the globe is already a reality if your company uses Retail Pro. From the more common markets of North America and Western Europe, to some of the most rapidly growing markets of China, India, Latin America and the Middle East – to the most remote yet critical parts of Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe – Retail Pro can get your stores up and running with amazing simplicity. And you will receive high quality local support through our qualified network of Authorized Retail Pro Business Partners in almost every part of the world.

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