Retail Pro Payment Solution

Those thriving in today’s retail environment have built their business on solid and efficient relationships, and a keen ability to provide their customers with the best choices in goods and services. Within Retail Pro the same philosophy and strategy is employed even down to the selection of payment solutions.

Retail Pro’s retail point of sale software solutions offer a wide variety of integrated payment solutions to industry leading providers and processors – Shift4, PPI and the list goes on. Our tightly integrated payment processing solutions gives the retailer the peace of mind they can provide their customers with efficient, reliable, and more importantly a PCI compliant secure payment service.

Whether your customers pay with cash, check, credit, debit, or gift cards the sales process will be fast and easy. Retail Pro’s selection of payment solutions allows you to adapt to changing business and retail needs.

Payment Solution Features

  • Credit and Debit (PIN) cards.
  • Gift Cards.Support for offloine authorization.
  • Secure Credit car encryption (protects yopur customer’s data).
  • Tokenization (protectes your customer’s data)
  • Signature capture.

Business Intelligence Advantages

  • PCI certified secure solutions
  • Increased customer satisfaction with faster,safer,and more reliable service.
  • Reduction of data re-entry errors at the POS.
  • Easier end-of-month reporting & transaction reconciliation.
  • Increased Profit -no Rental or Lease Free typically required on non-integrating processing equipment.
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