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Crystal Mind was founded in 1994 by a group of enthusiasts who had a vision. The vision was to deliver management solutions that maximize business decisions for different industries in an as easy and concise way as possible. These solutions had to be cost effective and should render maximum value for money in order to achieve their goals. We like to think of our solutions as “investment” rather than cost.

  • To develop & deliver immediate results, solutions, and improve return on investment ROI.
  • To ensure client satisfaction and successful achievement of all project objectives.
  • To build a solid long-term partnership with our clients throughout the project lifecycle and after closing the project.
  • Purpose: provide customers with the state of art and innovation technologies.
  • Business: High Quality, Innovate in product development, Relevant Solutions, Customized system.
  • Values: Superior service and support, easy to buy, easy to use.
Crystal Mind Coverage

We have a clear mission to continuously evolve and create new business management software solutions for companies all over the world. With no intention of slowing down, we have proudly expanded our business solutions in the countries mentioned below.

We established MADA company in Dubai since year 2016 in order to provide our solutions to Arab Gulf markets.

We have also partnered with IT Blocks company in the KSA  to cover the needs of companies in the Saudi market.

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